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Resonator-induced quantum phase transitions in a hybrid Josephson junction

2021, Hussein, Robert, Belzig, Wolfgang

We investigate the Josephson current through a suspended carbon nanotube double quantum dot which, at sufficiently low temperatures, is characterized by the ground state of the electronic subsystem. Depending on parameters such as a magnetic field or the interdot coupling, the ground state can either be a current-carrying singlet or doublet, or a blockaded triplet state. Since the electron-vibration interaction has been demonstrated to be electrostatically tunable, we study in particular its effect on the current-phase relation. We show that the coupling to the vibration mode can lift the current-suppressing triplet blockade by inducing a quantum phase transition to a ground state of a different total spin. Our key finding is the development of a triple point in the Josephson current parametrized by the resonator coupling and the Josephson phase. The quantum phase transitions around the triple point are directly accessible through the critical current and resilient to moderately finite temperatures. The proposed setup makes the mechanical degree of freedom part of a superconducting hybrid device which is interesting for ultrasensitive displacement detectors.

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Spectral Properties of Stochastic Resonance in Quantum Transport

2020-11-13, Hussein, Robert, Kohler, Sigmund, Bayer, Johannes, Wagner, Timo, Haug, Rolf J.

We investigate theoretically and experimentally stochastic resonance in a quantum dot coupled to electron source and drain via time-dependent tunnel barriers. A central finding is a transition visible in the current noise spectrum as a bifurcation of a dip originally at zero frequency. The transition occurs close to the stochastic resonance working point and relates to quantized pumping. For the evaluation of power spectra from measured waiting times, we generalize a result from renewal theory to the ac-driven case. Moreover, we develop a master equation method to obtain phase-averaged current noise spectra for driven quantum transport.

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Entanglement-symmetry control in a quantum-dot Cooper-pair splitter

2017, Hussein, Robert, Braggio, Alessandro, Governale, Michele

The control of nonlocal entanglement in solid state systems is a crucial ingredient of quantum technologies. We investigate a Cooper-pair splitter based on a double quantum dot realized in a semiconducting nanowire. In the presence of interdot tunneling the system provides a simple mechanism to develop spatial entanglement even in absence of nonlocal coupling with the superconducting lead. We discuss the possibility to control the symmetry (singlet or triplet) of spatially separated, entangled electron pairs taking advantage of the spin-orbit coupling of the nanowire. We also demonstrate that the spin-orbit coupling does not impact over the entanglement purity of the nonlocal state generated in the double quantum dot system.