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Camera Having Optoelectronic Range Finder

2016, Denk, Robert

A camera having an optoelectronic rangefinder, a focusable receiving lens and a visually observable display unit for displaying data and/or images, wherein the fact that two electronic image recording modules, which are spaced apart and the optical axes of which are aligned with a common target point, are inserted as a rangefinder into the front panel of the housing of the camera and, in order to determine the phase distance of the images of the object space recorded by the image recording modules and to compare the determined phase distance to the values for the distances assigned for the different phase distances, which are stored in a calibration table, a microprocessor unit is provided in the housing and is connected with the signal outputs of the image recording modules.

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Diaphragm value recognition

2012, Kranz, Gerhard, Zielberg, Oliver, Lies, Ulrich, Denk, Robert

A method for determining the current camera aperture (work ing aperture) of lenses on digital cameras having a viewfinder eyepiece and internal exposure measurement through the lens is wherein a further external exposure measurement is carried out past the lens and the value of the working aperture is determined from a reference table stored in the digital camera from the difference ABV between the two measured exposure values BV (int) and BV (ext). A digital camera suitable for carrying out the method wherein outside the region covered by the lens tube, the housing of the digital camera has an additional window for a further exposure meter with an upstream optics that is directed onto the Subject and serves to restrict the shooting angle, and includes a memory for a reference table for determining the aperture value.

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Mobile station and method for processing signals of the GSM and TD-SCDMA radio standards

2016, Denk, Robert, Gunzelmann, Bertram, Wu, Xiaofeng

A mobile station is disclosed for processing differing radio Standards such as GSM/GPRS/EDGE and TD-SCDMA. The mobile station includes a channel decoding unit and a coding unit. The signals of both radio standards are processed both with the coding unit and with the channel decoding unit. The coding unit and the channel decoding unit are arranged in the baseband chip of the mobile station. The TD-SCDMA-spe cific algorithms can be generated by means of a coprocessor that is electrically connected to the baseband chip or inte grated in the baseband chip.

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Method and apparatus for identifying interchangeable lenses

2010, Kranz, Gerhard, Zielberg, Oliver, Denk, Robert, Lies, Ulrich

An interchangeable lens connects in a prescribed position to a Support Surface on a camera of a camera system using a locking apparatus. A method and apparatus for identifying interchangeable lenses uses optical radiation. After the lock ing operation is performed, a defined optical radiation is directed from two or more, preferably six, light transmitters arranged in the Support Surface to reflecting or absorbing Surfaces on the locking apparatus which are assigned to said light transmitters. The radiation returning from the respective reflecting/absorbing Surfaces is picked up by light receivers arranged next to the light transmitters in the Support Surface. Abinary coded signal for identifying the interchangeable lens is formed from the output signals of the light receivers.

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Optical observation device for target acquisition and navigation

2014, Denk, Robert

An optical observation device for target acquisition and navigation having at least one objective, which is to be turned toward the object to be observed, and at least one ocular, which is to be turned toward the eye of the observer, in a housing, wherein the housing has at least one image reversal system, means for range finding, for location/position determination, for determination of the compass direction, and for displaying data, is distinguished in that an integrated target acquisition module having optoelectronic rangefinder, a GPS position determination, an electronic compass direction determination, and a microcomputer unit for calculating and storing distance and location coordinates of a targeted destination, an integrated navigation module having a display screen, which is arranged externally on the housing, and actuating elements, which are arranged on the housing, for activating functions of the target acquisition and navigation module are provided.

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Transmitting receiving arrangement for TD-SCDMA mobile radios

2010, Wenzel, Dietmar, Pilgram, Berndt, Denk, Robert

The invention relates to a transmitting and receiving arrangement for radios having a baseband component and a radio-frequency component that are connected via an interface for interchanging payload data. The interface includes a bidirectional data link that can be operated in a half-duplex mode for transmission of digital payload data to be transmitted from the baseband component to the radio-frequency component and for transmission of received digital payload data from the radio-frequency component to the baseband component.