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Lane and band formation of oppositely driven colloidal particles in two-dimensional ring geometries

2022, Vater, Tobias, Isele, Marc, Siems, Ullrich, Nielaba, Peter

We study the segregation phenomena for oppositely driven colloidal particles in two-dimensional ring geometries by means of Brownian dynamics simulations without hydrodynamic interactions. The particles interact via a repulsive Yukawa potential and are confined to a two-dimensional circular channel by hard walls, in which half of the particles are driven clockwise and the other half are driven counterclockwise. In addition to lane formation, which is commonly found in oppositely driven systems, we found band formation along the angular direction in channels with a very large radius. This indicates that a formation of lanes is prevented in the limit of channels with an infinitely large inner radius. The dependency of this segregation has been examined for the two control parameters, the interaction strength between the particles and the width of the circular channel.