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KOPS is the University of Konstanz’s institutional repository and a service provided by KIM.

As a researcher at the university, you can publish your publications online on KOPS. The documents are, as the meaning of Open Access conveys, permanently archived and made available to users around the world at no cost. Since 2008, KOPS has also served as a university bibliography and thus provides data for university reporting purposes.


Recent Submissions

Journal article
Model for contact formation of novel TeO2 containing Pb-free silver paste on n+ and p+ doped crystalline silicon
(2023) Geml, Fabian; Gapp, Benjamin; Johnson, Simon; Sutton, Patricia; Goode, Angela; Booth, Jonathan; Plagwitz, Heiko; Hahn, Giso
Published in: EPJ Photovoltaics ; 14 (2023). - 8. - EDP Sciences. - eISSN 2105-0716
Journal article
Collective aspects of privacy in the Twitter social network
(2018) Garcia, David; Goel, Mansi; Agrawal, Amod Kant; Kumaraguru, Ponnurangam
Published in: EPJ Data Science ; 7 (2018). - 3. - SpringerOpen. - eISSN 2193-1127
Journal article
Competences That Foster Digital Transformation of Public Administrations : An Austrian Case Study
(2023) Edelmann, Noella; Mergel, Ines; Lampoltshammer, Thomas
Published in: Administrative Sciences ; 13 (2023), 2. - 44. - MDPI AG. - eISSN 2076-3387
Other, text-bound (e.g. expert opinions, blog posts)
Statistik über die Studierenden der Universität Konstanz. Studienjahr 2022/2023, 1. Studienabschnitt (Wintersemester)
(2022) Universitätsverwaltung, Abteilung Studium und Lehre
Series: Studierendenstatistik / Studentische Abteilung der Universität Konstanz; 2022/23,1