TreeTank, a native XML storage

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GRAF, Sebastian, 2009. TreeTank, a native XML storage

@misc{Graf2009TreeT-6286, title={TreeTank, a native XML storage}, year={2009}, author={Graf, Sebastian} }

Graf, Sebastian TreeTank, a native XML storage TreeTank is an easy-to-use framework which allows users to store, modify and retrieve tree-structured data. Modifications are encapsulated in different revisions which supports a navigation not only in the data-structure but also in the time-axis. Despite being an active research project, the software is covered with automatic test-cases and is used as a base for multiple student-projects and their thesis. TreeTank comes as a light-weight java program which allows easy handling in any java environment.<br />This report gives a short overview over the motivation, the technical foundation and projects based on with cited papers and an outlook in further extensions. deu terms-of-use application/pdf 2011-03-24T16:11:10Z Graf, Sebastian 2011-03-24T16:11:10Z 2009

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