JAX-RX - Unified REST Access to XML Resources


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GRAF, Sebastian, Lukas LEWANDOWSKI, Christian GRÜN, 2010. JAX-RX - Unified REST Access to XML Resources

@techreport{Graf2010JAXRX-5957, series={Distributed Systems Group Technical Report ; KN-2010-DiSy-01}, title={JAX-RX - Unified REST Access to XML Resources}, year={2010}, author={Graf, Sebastian and Lewandowski, Lukas and Grün, Christian} }

Graf, Sebastian 2011-03-24T16:08:23Z REST nowadays represents, besides SOAP, one common way to access distributed resources in a web-affine manner. While SOAP can be easily utilized by high-level programming languages like Java (e.g. JAX-WS as one common standardized way), REST catches up regarding straight usages (e.g JAX-RS regarding Java).<br />With the clean and direct usage of JAX-RS, common layers for standardised access on heterogeneous XML-resources can be defined. This is what the project JAX-RX stands for: Based on XML as modern resource in the WWW, we defined a common application programming interface to access Java enabled XML resource easily in a common way. Using a common architecture for the uniform resource locator on the one hand and defining suitable interfaces on the other hand, every XML generating resources can be \RESTified\ with nearly no effort. This technical report describes the motivation, the architecture and the usage of our XML-enabling API called JAX-RX. Lewandowski, Lukas 2011-03-24T16:08:23Z Grün, Christian Lewandowski, Lukas eng terms-of-use application/pdf 2010 Graf, Sebastian Grün, Christian JAX-RX - Unified REST Access to XML Resources

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