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BEZARES RODER, Nils Manuel, 2005. About Esperanto

@misc{BezaresRoder2005About-4639, title={About Esperanto}, year={2005}, author={Bezares Roder, Nils Manuel} }

eng About Esperanto terms-of-use Esperanto is a mostly snthetic planned language, the grammar and word order of which should be as easy as possible, evading exceptions. The actual grammar meaning of a word is given especially by suffixes added to the lexemes. Special affixes can stregthen the actual meaning.<br />The Esperanto rules and categories of the words are briefly described, as well as the logic of the Esperanto verb, which is constructed adding aspectual verb morphemes to a lexeme. The "casus" and question word structure are discussed, too. 2011-03-24T14:47:49Z application/pdf 2011-03-24T14:47:49Z Bezares Roder, Nils Manuel Bezares Roder, Nils Manuel 2005

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