Hardware-Accelerated Dynamic Light Field Rendering


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GOLDLÜCKE, Bastian, Marcus A. MAGNOR, Bennett WILBURN, 2002. Hardware-Accelerated Dynamic Light Field Rendering. Vision, Modeling, and Visualization (VMV). Erlangen, 20. Nov 2002 - 22. Nov 2002. In: GREINER, Günther, ed. and others. Vision, modeling, and visualization 2002 : proceedings; November 20-22, 2002, Erlangen, Germany. Berlin:AKA, pp. 455-462. ISBN 3-89838-034-3

@inproceedings{Goldlucke2002Hardw-40865, title={Hardware-Accelerated Dynamic Light Field Rendering}, year={2002}, isbn={3-89838-034-3}, address={Berlin}, publisher={AKA}, booktitle={Vision, modeling, and visualization 2002 : proceedings; November 20-22, 2002, Erlangen, Germany}, pages={455--462}, editor={Greiner, Günther}, author={Goldlücke, Bastian and Magnor, Marcus A. and Wilburn, Bennett} }

Magnor, Marcus A. 2002 Hardware-Accelerated Dynamic Light Field Rendering 2017-12-07T09:30:34Z Wilburn, Bennett eng Goldlücke, Bastian 2017-12-07T09:30:34Z Wilburn, Bennett Magnor, Marcus A. Goldlücke, Bastian We present a system capable of interactively displaying a dynamic scene from novel viewpoints by warping and blending images recorded from multiple synchronized video cameras. It is tuned for streamed data and achieves 20 frames per second on modern consumer-class hardware when rendering a 3D movie from an arbitrary eye point within the convex hull of the recording camera’s positions.<br />The quality of the prediction largely depends on the accuracy of the disparity maps which are reconstructed off-line and provided together with the images. We generalize known algorithms for estimating disparities between two images to the case of multiple image streams, aiming at a minimization of warping artifacts and utilization of temporal coherence.

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