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Rapid and Parallel Adaptive Evolution of the Visual System of Neotropical Midas Cichlid Fishes

Rapid and Parallel Adaptive Evolution of the Visual System of Neotropical Midas Cichlid Fishes

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TORRES-DOWDALL, Julian, Michele E. R. PIEROTTI, Andreas HÄRER, Nidal KARAGIC, Joost M. WOLTERING, Frederico HENNING, Kathryn R. ELMER, Axel MEYER, 2017. Rapid and Parallel Adaptive Evolution of the Visual System of Neotropical Midas Cichlid Fishes. In: Molecular biology and evolution. 34(10), pp. 2469-2485. ISSN 0737-4038. eISSN 1537-1719. Available under: doi: 10.1093/molbev/msx143

@article{TorresDowdall2017Rapid-40642, title={Rapid and Parallel Adaptive Evolution of the Visual System of Neotropical Midas Cichlid Fishes}, year={2017}, doi={10.1093/molbev/msx143}, number={10}, volume={34}, issn={0737-4038}, journal={Molecular biology and evolution}, pages={2469--2485}, author={Torres-Dowdall, Julian and Pierotti, Michele E. R. and Härer, Andreas and Karagic, Nidal and Woltering, Joost M. and Henning, Frederico and Elmer, Kathryn R. and Meyer, Axel} }

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