Apprenticeship in Germany : modernising the Dual System

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DEISSINGER, Thomas, Silke HELLWIG, 2005. Apprenticeship in Germany : modernising the Dual System. In: Education + Training. 47(4/5), pp. 312-324. ISSN 0040-0912. eISSN 1758-6127. Available under: doi: 10.1108/00400910510601896

@article{Deiinger2005Appre-34164, title={Apprenticeship in Germany : modernising the Dual System}, year={2005}, doi={10.1108/00400910510601896}, number={4/5}, volume={47}, issn={0040-0912}, journal={Education + Training}, pages={312--324}, author={Deißinger, Thomas and Hellwig, Silke} }

2005 terms-of-use Hellwig, Silke Hellwig, Silke Apprenticeship in Germany : modernising the Dual System Deißinger, Thomas eng Deißinger, Thomas Purpose<br />This paper proposes to investigate the modernisation of the German Dual System for apprenticeships.<br /><br />Design/methodology/approach<br />The paper looks at the history of the development of the Dual System and looks at the challenges it faces today.<br /><br />Findings<br />The paper finds that Germany, with its long‐standing tradition of dual apprenticeships and the reputation of maintaining its practices rather than changing them, has joined the vocational education and training reform agenda. It also finds that reforms seem inevitable in the face of a partial failure of the traditional mechanisms operating within the existing apprenticeship system.<br /><br />Originality/value<br />This paper is useful in highlighting the challenges faced by a traditional apprenticeship system. 2016-05-31T11:28:57Z 2016-05-31T11:28:57Z

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