Nonsymmetrized Correlations in Quantum Noninvasive Measurements

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BEDNORZ, Adam, Christoph BRUDER, Bertrand REULET, Wolfgang BELZIG, 2012. Nonsymmetrized Correlations in Quantum Noninvasive Measurements

@unpublished{Bednorz2012Nonsy-22475, title={Nonsymmetrized Correlations in Quantum Noninvasive Measurements}, year={2012}, author={Bednorz, Adam and Bruder, Christoph and Reulet, Bertrand and Belzig, Wolfgang} }

Belzig, Wolfgang 2012 2013-03-18T09:36:21Z A long-standing problem in quantum mesoscopic physics is how to order operators in quantum noise expressions like <I(-\omega)I(\omega)> where I(\omega) is the measured current at frequency \omega. Symmetrized ordering of operators describes a classical measurement while nonsymmetrized ordering corresponds to a quantum detector, sensitive to either emission or absorption of photons. We show that both ordering schemes can be embedded in quantum weak-measurement theory taking into account a finite interaction time between the system and the detector. Importantly, the nonsymmetrized ordering reveals its nonclassical nature already in second-order correlations, contrary to symmetrized ordering. This feature can be related to the squeezing of the many-body state of the transported electrons in a ac-driven tunnel junction. Bednorz, Adam Bednorz, Adam terms-of-use Belzig, Wolfgang Bruder, Christoph Bruder, Christoph Reulet, Bertrand Reulet, Bertrand Nonsymmetrized Correlations in Quantum Noninvasive Measurements 2013-03-18T09:36:21Z eng

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