Categorical discrimination of objects and pictures by pigeons

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DELIUS, Juan, 1992. Categorical discrimination of objects and pictures by pigeons. In: Animal Learning & Behavior. 20(3), pp. 301-311. ISSN 0090-4996. Available under: doi: 10.3758/BF03213385

@article{Delius1992Categ-20501, title={Categorical discrimination of objects and pictures by pigeons}, year={1992}, doi={10.3758/BF03213385}, number={3}, volume={20}, issn={0090-4996}, journal={Animal Learning & Behavior}, pages={301--311}, author={Delius, Juan} }

2012-09-28T07:30:10Z With a three-choice instrumental discrimination procedure, pigeons were taught to distinguish small spherical objects from nonspherical objects. Spherical objects were defined as positive, nonspherical objects as negative. A device allowing an automatic presentation of the stimuli was employed. The subjects actually pecked the objects, and grain rewards were presented directly beside the correct objects. Acquisition was rapid, with the birds reaching a criterion of 80% correct choices within less than 150 trials. There was evidence that more than 200 objects were remembered individually over 3 months. Pigeons transferred the discrimination of spherical/nonspherical objects to novel objects. The criteria by which the birds judged the sphericity of objects seemed to be similar to those applied by humans. They could apply the categorization in a relational manner and generalize it to apply to photographs and drawings of objects. The categorization competence was retained for at least 3 months. Delius, Juan Delius, Juan Animal Learning & Behavior ; 20 (1992), 3. - S. 301-311 eng Categorical discrimination of objects and pictures by pigeons 2012-09-28T07:30:10Z 1992 terms-of-use

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