Java iSCSI Initiator

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WILDI, Volker, 2007. Java iSCSI Initiator [Master thesis]

@mastersthesis{Wildi2007iSCSI-17513, title={Java iSCSI Initiator}, year={2007}, author={Wildi, Volker} }

2012-04-19T05:45:02Z The topic of this master thesis emerged from the task of implementing a special-purpose distributed file system (DFS) on top of a network block protocol called iSCSI. The first prototype of the DFS was implemented in Java, which suggests that the block layer should also be implemented in Java. Recent research studies show that the processing of most network protocols can be much accelerated by a user-level implementation, which was the reason to start this project.<br /><br />We begin with a detailed description of the iSCSI protocol with examples to get a fundamental understanding and then provide the implementation details of our Java iSCSI initiator. Afterwards, the necessary benchmarks were made to get an impression of the different performances of the existing kernel-space and our user-space implementation.<br />Finally, a short summary will stress the main features of this complex protocol in short plus the results that were obtained during the implementation. The summary is followed by an outlook which mentions some points which could be added to this prototype to further improve the software. eng 2007 Wildi, Volker terms-of-use Wildi, Volker Java iSCSI Initiator 2012-04-19T05:45:02Z

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